Do You Want to Sharpen Your Online Footprint?

Improve your marketing effort and personalize content based on your visitors’ past behavior


By Jesper Dybdahl Hede
Manager, Novataris
Nyhavn 43, 1051 Copenhagen K
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Your world is complex. You want to make it simple. Here's how we can help you get there.

At Novataris we work with enterprise level companies, most of whom want to sharpen their online footprint and improve their brand. There are many ways to go about this. Enterprise level organizations tend to exist in a complex reality with many IT systems supporting a diverse set of processes and roles. While the business is complex, the message should be simple. So how do we get from complex and multifaceted to simple and understandable? The answer is quality. Quality in what you say and quality in how you say it. 

One of our recent projects exemplifies this. Our customer wished to be able to deliver fresh web content with a short turnaround. They wanted to personalize content for their visitors and the ability to quickly react to new business ideas or changes in the market.

Personalized experiences with Episerver

The solution is an Episerver based web portal that enables customers to handle their personal information, subscriptions and see personalized promotional offers. Episerver CMS is central, but only a part of a larger whole. Episerver is installed on Virtual Machines hosted in Microsoft Azure. Load balancing and fail-over included. 

The solution was built by integrating Episerver with a number of other important systems. From the business perspective, each visitor is assigned a visitor profile based on various visitor data, location (country and possibly region) and order history. These factors make up a rich profile that can be used as basis for campaigns, promotional offers, and personalized content in general. The visitor profile is re-evaluated on each visit and web content and rules are modified regularly by web editors. The result is a high dynamic experience and the ability for web editors to experiment with different marketing ideas and tools.

Statistics for visitor behaviour and sales are collected in an Azure hosted Microsoft SQL database (Data Warehouse) and KPIs are shown in detail using PowerBI.

We had two basic options for setting up the data for PowerBI: Either push it from Episerver real time or set up an API to provide data from Episerver and pull the data at set intervals. The first option was chosen, mainly because of the value seen in getting real-time data. (For inspiration on how we can setup APIs, see our APIGEE blog post). We created a custom data provider and, on each trigger,-event an action was raised and data sent asynchronously to the Data Warehouse.

Hosting in a cloud provided a number of key advantages for this project:

  • It shortens the initialization phase and removes much of the start-up cost compared to similar project hosted on-premise.
  • Deployment is simple to setup and fast.
  • It's highly scalable, both seasonally and long term.

The technical setup is not overly complex, yet it requires a high degree of business understanding to make it right. Our CMS and BI experts guided the process through its many phases. 

In the end Novataris delivered an easy-to-use, yet feature rich, set of applications that enabled the company to gain valuable insights into their visitors' behaviour, and at the same time gave the visitors a high performing web portal with personalized content.